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How to get a dead Palm tree removed from your house

Regardless of their beauty, there are times where it would be better to remove it due to various reason. Legally, in some countries, one is required to sort for professional tree removal services if they want to remove a palm tree. Especially if the tree is large.

Reasons for removing a palm tree

1. If the palm tree shows any sign of deterioration such as dropping its fronds which have the potential of germinating in the nearby area.

2. As time progresses, they tend to lose their color.

3. Some people would remove a palm tree if they would like to use up the space it is taking.

4. The detaching fronds could cause damage to either your car or roof that would be costly to repair hence the need to remove it.

Questions you need to ask yourself before you remove the palm tree

1. Is it lawful to cut the tree, or is it protected?

2. Do I need any sort of consent to remove the tree?

3. Is the tree healthy or sick?

4. Is the tree dangerous to one’s property or life?

Ways of removing a palm tree

1. Through the help of professionals, one could determine whether tree removal is needed.

2. The professionals providing the tree services are needed as they are well equipped with the necessary tools to remove the palm tree care. These tools and equipment include ear muffs, facemask and a safety harness.

3. They assess where the tree is likely to fall.

4. Afterwards, they climb up the tree and trim the fronds using a pruning saw.

5. Make a triangular notch; you would prefer the tree to fall on then start cutting bit by bit on the opposite side. The tree needs to be cut bit by bit and not all at once as it could be dangerous.

6. The stump needs to be ground through a stump grinder to prevent any regrowth.

7. The professionals need to ensure that there is no remnant of the tree whatsoever.

The good thing about hiring help is that they provide the services quite well and clean up efficiently without leaving any waste left behind. Remember, you could also do this on your own provided you are aware of the risks and have the necessary tools and equipment.

What to do if the tree is valuable and can be transplanted anywhere.

Hiring a professional arborist Auckland will come in handy if you are considering the transplantation method.

1. Find out if the tree is valuable through researching online as some people purchase it. if it is indeed valuable you might consider digging it up instead of cutting it down

2. Evaluate where the tree would likely fall by detecting its lean through their trunk or branches

3. Provide support to the tree on the ground through a rope. This is essential when the tree is large.

4. Estimate the tree’s root by marking a circle around the tree’s base. Ensure that the tree’s width has been accounted for.

5. To see the root balls, one needs to dig inwards around the circle. The root balls need to be exposed fully, including its bottom.

6. Tie a rope around the tree and lower it to the ground.

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