Palm Oil

Benefits of Palm Tree Oil

Palm oil refers to edible vegetable oil which contains high amounts of saturated fats but doesn’t have trans-fats. The palm tree is believed to have been imported in the mid-19th century from South East Asia. It’s known to flourish in areas with humid tropics and produces large amounts of yields when it’s planted to the South of the Equator. The palm oil has many benefits which include the following:

1. Manufacturing of Biofuel

This type of biofuel is vital in the transport sector; it is applicable in terms of fuel, just like its name suggests. The palm oil is used in the manufacture of fuels which are known as the Green Fuels, which are used as optional fuels by Ships, Vehicles and Aircraft. This type of oil is preferred as compared to the other oils because it’s cheaper

2. Livestock Feeding

The oil is also essential in the agricultural sector, especially in the rearing of livestock department. In the manufacture of palm kernel oil, a by-product which is known as palm kernel cake (which is a mid-proteinous cattle feed) is produced, and this is used as a feed for livestock.

3. It lowers the heart diseases

Another sector in which palm oil proves to be essential is in health science, especially in medicine. A study conducted on patients with heart diseases showed that palm oil helps a great deal in improving the health of patients with heart diseases by lowering the speed at which the disease spreads in the hear

4. It Boosts the Brain Health

The brain is the main controller of the human body functions. After manufacturing the palm oil, it’s usually packed with tocotrienols which is a form of vitamin E and is known to contain antioxidant properties which are known to support the brain in its function. The Antioxidants also helps to slow down Dementia which enhances the cognition properties of an individual

5. It Improves Hair and Skin Health

The palm oil has a lot of Vitamin E which are nutrients known to nourish the skin of an individual hence this helps: improve the outlook of scars, treatment of Psoriasis and also in the healing of wound.

6. It helps reduce the amounts of cholesterol in the body

High amounts of cholesterol in the body leads to accumulation of fatty substances on the arteries hence forcing the arteries to narrow and harden which forces the heart to pump blood with a lot of pressure, and this leads to increased chances of succumbing to heart attack.

7. It Helps to Reduce the Amounts of Oxidative Stress

As a result of poor diets, exposure to pollutants, and stress of the body, free radicles are formed. This radicles when they accumulate in large amounts in the body of a human being they may lead to chronic diseases, inflammation, and oxidative stress

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